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Building Control Performance Standards - Previous Edition

The previous (original) version of the Building Control Performance Standards, published in 1999, has now been superseded. This version is still available here for reference only.

Message from Nick Raynsford and Peter Law

The Building Regulations exist to secure the health and safety of building users, promote energy efficiency and make access easier for disabled people. These are all highly important objectives.


Prior to 1997 there were only two players in the Building Control arena: Local Authorities, consisting of approximately 400 Councils, and NHBC Building Control Services Ltd., the first and only body to be appointed as an Approved Inspector in 1985.


Competition between local authorities and approved inspectors in the provision of building control services provides a stimulus to greater efficiency and higher standards of service to the customer.

Standards for Building Control

An outline of the policy on standards for Building Control.


The following gives general guidance as well as practical guidance about some of the ways of meeting the requirements set out in the preceding Building Control Performance Standards.

Appendix 1

Building Control Services Steering Group

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Appendix 3

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