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Sunderland development clarified

A planning inspector has endorsed Sunderland city council's stance that the contested former Vaux Brewery site should be regenerated as a mixed use development and not host a major retail scheme as proposed by Tesco.

That was the conclusion of an inspector who held an inquiry into planned alterations to the city's Unitary Development Plan and which sets out the framework for the long term development of land in the city.

The inspector concluded that major retail development should be confined to a central retail core. The Vaux site is not included in that area.

The inspector has also endorsed the future development of other major sites such as the Holmeside Triangle and sites along the riverside such as the former Grove Cranes site and Sheepfolds.

Councillor Bob Symonds, leader of the council, said: "We welcome this report. It is an important step forward for the city, clarifying the planning framework for central Sunderland and helping to increase developers' confidence in investing in the city."

He added: "It gives us a clear steer forward for securing the future development of the Vaux site and the other large development sites within central Sunderland."

The alteration to the UDP will be formally adopted by the council next month.

Read the Sunderland City Council press release

Download the inspector's report (PDF, 536Kb)

Roger Milne

9 August 2007