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Eco-village proposed for Pembrokeshire

Proposals for an eco-village based on nine smallholdings have been submitted to Pembrokeshire county council under its policy on low impact development.

The buildings in the village would be constructed from turf, wood and straw and incorporate solar heating, green electricity sources and rainwater harvesting. None of the proposed buildings would be connected to mains sewerage or the electricity distribution network.

Environmental group Lammas is behind the scheme, earmarked for a 76-acre site at Glanwr near the Preseli hills. The detailed plans for the new community were delivered to the council in a wheelbarrow.

The planning authority's low impact development policy, which has been adopted as supplementary planning guidance, was drawn up after the protracted dispute over an eco-house at Brithdir Mawr, which became a planning cause celebre.

Lammas spokesman Paul Wimbush said: "We want to build a low-impact community on 76 acres of former grazing land based on the traditional model of a village but brought into the 21st century by the use of cutting-edge green technologies."

If the project gets the go-ahead residents will share vehicles. The scheme includes plans for a seasonal campsite where visitors would be charged according to how they travel to the site.

Go to the Lammas eco-village web page

Download Pembrokeshire County Council's 'Low Impact Development – Making a Positive Contribution' supplementary planning guidance (PDF, 110Kb) here


Roger Milne

7 June 2007