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  6. DCLG Business Plan outlines timetable for delivery of new planning regime

DCLG Business Plan outlines timetable for delivery of new planning regime

The timetable for the delivery of the new planning regime has been laid out in the Department for Communities and Local Government recently published Business Plan for 2011-15.

The key legislation which will set much of the framework for the new planning regime, the Decentralization and Localism Bill, is scheduled to be published later this month and could be legislation by the end of 2011.

The Infrastructure Planning Commission will formally replaced by the yet to be created Major Infrastructure Planning Unit inside the Planning Inspectorate by 2012.

This is also the date for when the first payments will be made under the New Homes Bonus scheme – although the scheme itself will start 12 months earlier.

April 2012 is also when DCLG anticipates the new breed of Local Enterprise Partnerships will be up and running as well as the new regime of Neighbourhood Plans. However, a number of these plans will be trialled and developed in advance of that date.

Crucial secondary legislation detailing the department’s main planning reform bill and establishing the Conservative’s Open Source Planning concepts are expected within 18 months.

This is also the timescale for publishing and presenting to Parliament a “radically simplified and consolidated national planning framework covering all forms of development”. This will include the new “strong presumption in favour of sustainable development”.

Ministers expect to be in a position to publish the promised proposals for new “green areas of particular importance to local communities” within 18 months.

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Roger Milne

11 November 2010