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First two English marine area plans named

The first two English marine plans will cover the area off the coast between Flamborough Head in East Riding of Yorkshire and Felixstowe in Suffolk, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has announced.

This area (known formally as East Inshore and East Offshore) will be developed from April 2011.

These two area plans will be the first in a series that will, over the coming years, grow to become a comprehensive marine planning system around England, enabling the effective integration of economic, social and environmental factors and promoting the sustainable development of UK seas.

The MMO is the first organisation in the world to develop an integrated planning system for the marine area, mirroring the terrestrial planning regime.

Steve Brooker, the MMO’s head of marine planning, said: “England’s marine area is extremely crowded in terms of existing activities and the pressure and competition for space are going to increase. 

“Marine planning will enable the MMO and others to balance and integrate the vast range of competing activities and aspirations. As a country, we can then take informed decisions about the development of our sea area and our priorities, based on shared understanding, a common baseline and sound evidence.”

In taking forward marine plans from April 2011, the MMO will take account of the work of local authorities, coastal forums and communities.

Read the MMO news release.


Roger Milne

28 October 2010