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  6. Appeals system in Wales set for shake-up

Appeals system in Wales set for shake-up

The Welsh Government has clarified the changes it is proposing for the planning appeals system in Wales, now the subject of consultation. The changes will simplify the appeals process and bring cost and time savings, the administration has stressed, as well as ensuring that the regime can deal with appeals of differing complexities.

The proposed changes include a fast track system for householder appeals and moves to allow the Planning Inspectorate to decide the appeal method for each case, based on published criteria which will be formally approved by ministers.

Also on the agenda is a proposal to extend the power to apply for costs to be awarded to appeals dealt with by written representations;

The consultation document also includes proposals to make it easier to correct errors in appeal decisions;

The devolved administration wants to give planning inspectors the authority to determine appeals for old minerals permissions and has made a case for changing payment arrangements of enforcement application fees when appeals are lodged so that the entire fee is paid to the local planning authority.

In addition the Government wants a requirement that Statements of Common Ground are submitted earlier; and that in respect of complex inquiries there is both a formal process and guidance on timetabling.

Access the Welsh Government consultation.


Roger Milne

18 August 2011