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New Homes Bonus makes progress

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has announced that the second year of cash payments under the New Homes Bonus will total over £430m, more than double the first year's payment.

Funding will be shared by 353 councils for helping to deliver nearly 159,000 homes last year - either new homes or empty properties brought back into use - and from a second round of payments for homes built the year before.

Council tax raised from new homes is matched by the Government for the first six years, and affordable homes attract a higher payment.

This year's larger payment includes £210m for new and empty homes delivered in 2010 -11, a second instalment of almost £200m for homes built in 2009 -10, and the first premium for affordable homes totalling some £20m.

The minister said: "For years communities fought against development because they saw no evidence of how it improved their lives. But there is a culture shift taking place across the country - communities that are going for growth are reaping rewards for their local area, and councillors can now lead a mature debate about the benefits of development.”

View further information on the bonus, including the first “New Homes Bonus Bulletin —Unlocking the Bonus”.

Roger Milne

15 December 2011