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Johnson moots Mayoral Development Corporation

Plans to create a Mayoral Development Corporation to maximise the regeneration legacy from the 2012 Games in East London have been published for consultation by Mayor Boris Johnson.

He has proposed that the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) will be reformed as a Mayoral Development Corporation (MDC), which would incorporate the assets and responsibilities of the existing OPLC, as well as some of the work of other existing regeneration agencies in the area.

With greater powers, including planning powers, and working over a wider area than that covered by the existing OPLC, the Mayor has argued that the new corporation would boost the effectiveness of the Legacy Company and help make the most of Games-related investment.

The Mayor is proposing a boundary for the Olympic Park Legacy Corporation which includes both the Olympic Park and Games facilities, and surrounding areas:

(a) where the success of which is directly interdependent with the success of the Olympic Park and

(b) which have significant potential for regeneration and growth.

Although Stratford Town Centre meets the criteria for inclusion in the Corporation’s boundary, the Mayor does not propose to include it in the boundary, because he does not wish to disrupt the existing arrangements put in place by the London Borough of Newham and its partners for regeneration in the town centre.

Access the Mayor of London proposals documents.


Roger Milne

10 February 2011