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  6. Parliament probes community-led regeneration

Parliament probes community-led regeneration

Parliament has announced an inquiry into the Government’s new approach to community-led regeneration.

This move by the Commons Communities and Local Government Committee came in the wake of the publication by the administration of its latest thinking and initiatives in this area.

 The all-party committee will be considering the following questions:

  • how effective is the Government’s approach to regeneration likely to be
  • what benefits is the new approach likely to bring?
  • will it ensure that the progress made by past regeneration projects is not lost and can, where appropriate, be built on?
  • will it ensure that sufficient public funds are made available for future major town and city regeneration projects as well as for more localised projects?
  • what lessons should be learnt from past and existing regeneration projects to apply to the Government’s new approach?
  • what action should the Government be taking to attract money from (a) public and (b) private sources into regeneration schemes?
  • how should the success of the Government’s approach be assessed in future?

Download the Department for Communities and Local Government document ‘Regeneration to enable growth: What Government is doing in support of community-led regeneration.


Roger Milne

10 February 2011