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  6. Ministers allow more flights at Farnborough

Ministers allow more flights at Farnborough

The Government has allowed an appeal by TAG Ltd to increase the number of flights at Farnborough airport in Hampshire opposed by Rushmoor Borough Council.

This joint decision by the secretaries of state for the Department for Communities and Local Government and Department for Transport was in line with inspector’s recommendation following an appeal inquiry.

Their decision letter stated that “although the secretaries of State conclude that the appeal proposal would conflict with the development plan by leading to a moderate degree of harm in respect of increased noise, they consider that, by providing significant employment benefits, it would also firmly support the aims of the development plan to promote and encourage a buoyant and diverse local economy. The secretaries of state see this as an important material consideration and consider that it outweighs the moderate harm identified in respect of noise.”

In a statement the planning authority acknowledged “there is a balance to be struck between the commitment to aviation and its impact on the local environment”.

The council added: “We are pleased that they accepted the new Section 106 agreement negotiated between the council and TAG, which will strengthen significantly the controls over the impact of the airport and its aircraft on residents. We are also pleased that the inspector and secretaries of state accepted that the council hadn’t acted unreasonably and therefore did not award costs against us”.

Read the decision letter and Inspector’s report.


Roger Milne 

17 February 2011