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CABE come-back in new design champion

The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) and the Design Council have confirmed they will merge from 1 April. The new organisation will provide a one-stop shop for design support and advice to industry and communities as well as central and local government.

This move follows an agreement reached by the two bodies and Government. CABE’s design review service, which provides expert advice to councils, developers and communities through reviews of major proposed projects, will continue at a national and local level. Promotion of the value of good building and spatial design to businesses and communities will continue. There will be a strong focus on securing good design in neighbourhood planning.

The merged organisation will continue to provide mentoring and advice to business and public services on the strategic use of design. High-profile design challenges will develop innovative solutions to national issues in health, security and sustainability

Housing minister Grant Shapps said: "The design of a neighbourhood can have a significant and substantial impact on the quality of life of its residents. Design can prevent crime and anti-social behavior, help restore local pride in an area, and ensure that area remains an attractive place for people to live and bring up their families for generations.

"I want local residents themselves to have a much greater say over how their communities are designed. By merging these elements of the Design Council and the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, we can continue to improve the local support that is available for people to do this, and build on the strong track record in offering mentoring, training and support.”

CABE chairman Paul Finch OBE said: "This very positive move will place architecture at the heart of the economy as a driver for competitive businesses and places. I am very much looking forward to the combined expertise of our two organisations to coming together to achieve that."

The Design Council name and status as a Royal Charter charity will be unaffected, and it will cease to be a non-departmental public body (NDPB) from 1 April.

The new organisational structure for the Design Council and roles for CABE staff will be confirmed once staff consultations have been completed.

Read the CABE news release.


Roger Milne

17 February 2011