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  6. Government sets out grant aid plans to boost community planning

Government sets out grant aid plans to boost community planning

Organisations interested in providing advice, guidance and assistance to community groups involved in the Government’s neighbourhood planning initiative have until 21 February to apply for financial support from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

DCLG is making a number of grants to support this work (probably three to five at any one time) and has allocated some £3m a year to fund the scheme.

Individual grants will be between £500,000 and £1m per year and cover a period of 12 months only. The grant programme will be reviewed after two years.

The help could involve assistance in setting up a community-based group, developing proposals for local development documents, providing input into development ideas for an area, accessing specialist help where necessary and finding sources of additional funding.

The department has made it clear that the help being offered through this scheme should encourage more people than currently the case to participate in the planning process

“We want to provide opportunities to groups who may be entirely new to working within the land-use planning system, or indeed participating in any form of organised community activity,” said DCLG.

The Royal Town Planning Institute’s Planning Aid service is likely to be one of the candidates for grant aid.

Access the Supporting Communities and Neighbourhoods in Planning: Prospectus


Roger Milne

13 January 2011