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Ministers scrap parking policy advice

Government policy guidelines on car parking provision for new residential development  and guidance encouraging higher parking charges in town centres have been scrapped, the Government has announced.

Ministers have made this change by deleting the relevant advice which had been set out in Planning Policy Guidance 13: Transport (PPG13), in conjunction with Planning Policy Statement 3: Housing (PPS3).

The policy that required councils to limit the number of parking spaces allowed in new residential developments and set high parking charges to encourage the use of alternative modes of transport has been in place for a decade.

Ministers argued that the policies unfairly penalised drivers, led to over-zealous parking enforcement, and increased unsightly on-street parking congestion - putting the safety of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians at risk.

The Coalition Government has also announced it wants councils to promote electric vehicle charging points in new developments to encourage more green drivers. As part of this move ministers have signalled that charging points can be located on streets and in outdoor car parks without the need for planning permission.

Decentralisation minister Greg Clark said Whitehall guidance encouraging town halls to impose higher parking charges had resulted in drivers travelling further in search of free parking at out-of-town shopping centres.

Read the Department for Communities and Local Government news release.


Roger Milne

6 January 2011