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Government publishes green energy road map

The Government and the Devolved Administrations have published a Renewable Energy Roadmap which sets out a series of measures aimed at making sure the country meets some 15 per cent of its energy needs from green sources by 2020. Reform of the planning system is highlighted as a key requirement.

Ministers have acknowledged that this will mean more than a four-fold increase in the country’s level of renewable energy consumption by the end of the decade.

Energy secretary Chris Huhne said “Growth on that kind of scale will be challenging, but will be necessary if we are to make the UK more energy secure, help protect consumers from fossil fuel price fluctuations, drive investment in new jobs and businesses, and keep us on track to meet our carbon reduction objectives for the coming decades.

It will require industry to carry on making the case for renewables and Government and the Devolved Administrations to break through the barriers that are stopping new schemes being built.”

The Roadmap identifies eight technologies that have either the greatest potential to help the UK meet the 2020 target in a cost-effective and sustainable way, or offer great potential for the decades that follow.

These are listed as:

  • onshore wind
  • offshore wind
  • marine energy
  • biomass electricity
  • biomass heat
  • ground source and air source heat pumps
  • renewable transport

Alongside the Roadmap the Government has announced the signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding between Government departments, aviation organisations and industry to mitigate the potential impacts of wind power on radar infrastructure that it is estimated could impact up to 5 gigawatts of onshore and 7GW of offshore wind capacity.

Access the road map.


Roger Milne

14 July 2011