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Details of asset transfer announced

The Government has announced the transfer of most Regional Development Agency (RDA) land and property assets to the Homes and Communities Agency.

The chief executive of the HCA, Pat Ritchie, has welcomed the move which will involve the agency in working with local partners to deliver economic and regeneration benefits to communities from RDA assets.

She said: “This builds on our land and property expertise and our strong partnerships with local authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships to ensure value for money from those assets.”

The RDA assets will be transferred as a National Programme to the HCA, who will be accountable to Government for the effective management and disposal of the portfolio.

The HCA will be establishing Local Stewardship Partnerships with the local authorities, LEPs, businesses and other bodies.

“They will play a key role in helping to determine the future of these assets in line with local objectives, and the HCA, while managing the portfolio at national level, will ensure that the benefits of development – jobs, businesses and homes – are delivered in the local areas where the assets are located. This will make a major contribution to the localism agenda,” Ritchie said.

“We hope to be in a position to confirm further details of the asset portfolio over the course of the summer.”

The process to transfer the RDA land and property assets to the HCA is due for completion on September 19.

Since the RDAs were wound up the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has allowed the market disposal of some sites to local authorities who want to acquire assets.

In a Commons statement Business Minister Mark Prisk confirmed that the Government would retain some key national land assets including those where Technology and Innovation Centres (TICs) are located.

The announcement means that the RDA coalfield sites will be transferred to the Homes and Communities Agency.

Prisk said that Communities Secretary Eric Pickles would approve the final list of assets to be transferred. Details of the transfer order will appear on CLG and BIS websites once it has been made.

Read the HCA news release.

Read the ministerial written statement.


Roger Milne

7 July 2011