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  6. Shapps confirms revised definition for zero-carbon homes

Shapps confirms revised definition for zero-carbon homes

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has formally confirmed the Government’s revised definition for zero carbon homes in a statement in the Commons.

“We have decided that the regulatory threshold for zero carbon should be set to cover only those emissions which are within the scope of the Building Regulations, such as those from heating, ventilation, hot water, fixed lighting and building services,” he told MPs.

Shapps said the Coalition had rejected calls to make house builders anticipate the lifetime emissions of each property because that would be unreasonable,

He pledged that tough new standards for fabric energy efficiency (insulation, glazing) would be included in future changes to the Building Regulations.

Shapps told Parliament: “Where house builders can deliver more ambitious carbon reductions on the site of the home than these minimum requirements, they will have the option to do so. 

“Where it is not possible for house builders to do this cost effectively, we will ensure that a mechanism is available that allows house builders to meet their commitments at a cost no higher than the Government's long-term value of carbon.”

Shapps said the administration was working work with industry on options for a mechanism to deliver offsite measures on the lines of its Green Deal initiative.

Read the full statement.


Roger Milne

19 May 2011