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St Austell extension rejected

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has refused an appeal by developers Wainhomes who had been refused permission by Cornwall Council for a major new neighbourhood at St Austell, known as the “northern extension”.

The developer had proposed a development of up to 1,300 homes, around 9,000 sq m of B1, B2 and B8 floor space, retail and leisure activities, a primary school, a 60-bed care home, strategic landscaping and a community transport hub at Treverbyn Road.

The minister’s decision was in line with the recommendation of the inspector who held a public inquiry last year.

The Secretary of State’s decision letter said that “the loss of part of the countryside setting to St Austell and the loss of good quality agricultural land” were key factors in this case.

He said that although the scheme would have helped meet a probable shortfall in the five-year supply of housing land and provide serviced employment land it was in conflict with the development plan.

He concluded that although the proposals had some benefits they were not sufficient to outweigh “the government’s strong desire that decisions about the future strategy for an area should be taken by the local community through the Local Development Framework process”.

Read the decision letter and inspector’s report.

Roger Milne

3 November 2011