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London riot areas backed with regeneration funds

London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced the detail of measures to help the redevelopment and regeneration of areas of the capital affected by the August riots.

Some £70m is being invested with £23m targeted at Croydon. Tottenham is also in line for a similar spend but details won’t be announced until the New Year.

The proposals for Croydon include £5m to improve the key entrances to the central area with more space for pedestrians and improving the transport interchange around West Croydon station, and the junction of Dingwall Road and Lansdowne Road near the new East Croydon station footbridge. There will also be £7m to repair and strengthen Croydon’s high street and £6m to make Croydon better connected by removing barriers to walking and improving routes between key destinations.

The Mayor’s £70m Regeneration Fund will also see major investments in 13 other boroughs. These include a package of improvements to regenerate Southall, including a £1m investment to develop a disused historic building to rejuvenate part of the town centre and £1.5m to help Hackney create a fashion outlet hub in the town centre.

There will also be a £4-5m package of measures to improve Peckham Rye station, creating a public plaza, retail space, jobs and a “world class gateway” to the area.

In addition, the fund will provide £2m for a range of public realm works to improve the area south of Camden Town and spread economic activity further through the town centre, creating new opportunities for jobs and development

All the proposals will be subject to public consultation, as appropriate, and planning approval. They will then be submitted to the Mayor’s Regeneration Investment Group with final agreement expected in early 2012.

Read the Mayor of London press release.


Roger Milne

24 November 2011