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Post Olympics housing-led regeneration plans submitted

An ambitious planning application that would shape the future of East London and create 8,000 new homes has been submitted by the Olympic Park Legacy Company.

Family housing, connectivity and attractive open spaces are at the heart of the Legacy Communities Scheme (LCS), which covers 64 hectares of the Olympic Park where five new neighbourhoods will be built over 20 years, if the proposals get the go-ahead.

The park will offer up to 8,000 new homes, with 6,800 included in the LCS. A further 2,800 units will be created in the Olympic Village.

Andrew Altman, chief executive of the Olympic Park Legacy Company, said: “This planning application represents a significant moment in making the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park a reality

“As one of the most important housing developments in London’s history, these five neighbourhoods will stitch together the surrounding communities of a formerly isolated area through new homes, schools, shops, parks, infrastructure and jobs.”

Planning applications for the rest of the Park, including the areas around the venues and north and south parkland will be submitted later.

The Planning Decisions Team at the Olympic Delivery Authority will undertake a statutory consultation on the application up to 14 November. They will then consider the application which is expected to be determined by summer 2012.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said: “Creating a fantastic new community in which thousands of people can live and work, will be the most important regeneration project that the city has seen in 25 years.”

The five new neighbourhoods are expected to open in phases to the public from 2013, with families moving into the first new homes in 2015.

They will sit alongside the sporting venues, 6.5km of waterways, cultural attractions and open spaces, including the green river valley in the north of the park.

Around 40 per cent of the homes will be family ones with the majority of the neighbourhoods echoing London’s heritage of terraced housing. Up to 35 per cent of the homes will be affordable housing in line with the London Plan.

Read the Olympic Park Legacy Company news release.


Roger Milne

6 October 2011