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  6. Welsh council urges guidance over shale gas

Welsh council urges guidance over shale gas

A Welsh council leader has called for more guidance from the Welsh Government over shale gas issues after his planning authority refused an application for test drilling for shale gas at an industrial estate at Llandow in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Bridgend-based Coastal Oil and Gas Limited has said it will appeal against the council's unanimous decision, which was against the advice of officers. The application specifically stated that the company’s plans did not include the controversial practice of “fracking”.

Council leader Gordon Kemp said: “There was a lot of public opposition to it [the test drilling proposal] and councillors took that into account. They also had concerns about the application itself.

"The committee weren't satisfied the applicants had put enough information in regarding ground water. I have been calling both the Assembly to determine matters such as this and also come up with some guidance.”

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: "The Welsh Government believes there is a need to look at both the potential of gas exploration, but also concerns about the potential impacts of this form of gas extraction.

“We would welcome the UK Government working with devolved administrations across the UK to put in place a robust and evidence-based policy framework for Shale Gas in the UK.

"The case for a moratorium on shale gas rests with the UK Government, who are the licensing agents for exploration."


Roger Milne

27 October 2011