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  6. England’s biggest onshore wind farm proposed

England’s biggest onshore wind farm proposed

E.ON UK, a leading renewable generator, has begun formal consultation on its proposals for a new wind farm called The Isles in County Durham which, if built, would be England’s biggest onshore scheme.

The company has produced three potential layouts for the wind farm, which would be located near Newton Aycliffe. The site could have between 25 and 45 turbines, and a generating capacity of between 50 and 115 megawatts.

A community benefits fund worth up to £460,000 per year which will support local projects throughout the lifetime of the wind farm is planned as part of the project.

In a related development, green energy trade body Renewable UK has welcomed the news that electricity production from wind farms rose by 13 per cent in the second quarter of 2011 compared to same period last year.

It has also welcomed the fact that offshore wind generation increased by 146 per cent in the same period. These rises in production are due to increased capacity and much higher wind speeds during the second quarter of the year.

Renewable UK's Dr Gordon Edge, said: "While the amount of power generated by wind turbines is of course dependent on the strength of the wind at any given time, these figures help to demonstrate the increasing importance of wind generation as part of our electricity supply.”

Read the E.ON UK press release.

Read the Renewable UK media release.

Roger Milne

1 September 2011