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National Heat Map to help planners

The Government has published a new interactive National Heat Map, an online resource aimed at helping planners to identify potential areas for district heating networks.

The new map, developed for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, will allow planners to visualise the potential for heat networks in their area.

Publication of the map came as the Government unveiled its latest thinking on a heat strategy for the UK. This made it clear that heat networks would play a major role as the UK adopted new measures to cut its carbon footprint.

Decc said that up to half the heat load in England was in areas that have sufficiently dense heat loads to make heat networks economically viable.

The director of the Combined Heat and Power Association, Graham Meeks, said: “District heating is the key to decarbonising the nation’s urban heartland.

“It is already proving itself to be a practical and popular choice in new housing and property developments in our towns and city centres. It is here where energy could spearhead a new era of urban regeneration.”

Read the Decc news release and access the National Heat Map.

Roger Milne

4 April 2012