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Progress on finding surplus land for housing

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has confirmed that the Coalition has identified surplus public land with enough capacity for over 80,000 new homes. And he said the administration was on track to release enough land for 100,000 homes by 2015.

He also revealed that the Department for Communities and Local Government was working with another six Government departments and with other large organisations including the BBC, Network Rail and the Royal Mail to identify further disused land.

The Ministry of Justice, HM Treasury, the Home Office, the Department for Energy and Climate Change, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport are now looking at their land holdings.

News of this progress has come as the department announced a cash boost of nearly £1bn for communities keen to kick start growth and improve their local areas.

Ministers have confirmed the £500m Growing Places Fund, designed to get the infrastructure in place for new homes and other development, has been allocated to the country's 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships, who will now decide what to prioritise locally.

In addition Shapps has confirmed that 353 councils will receive a share of £432m New Homes Bonus funding after delivering 159,000 homes last year - and from a second round of payments for homes built the year before.

Read the DCLG news release.


Roger Milne

2 February 2012