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Flag flying regulations set to change

Proposals to make it easier for people to fly flags of their choice without facing costly restrictions and red tape have been announced by the Department for Communities and Local Government. The aim is to allow a much wider range of flags to be flown without the need for planning permission. Under current arrangements only a select few flags are allowed to be flown without express permission from planning officials.

Getting this approval can incur fees of up to £335. Under the new rules, people will be able to fly a much wider range of flags including the flags of football and cricket clubs or town and village flags.

Ministers have also made it clear that they want to ease the rules on flying local regimental flags. Other local flags, and projects like environmental awards, could also all be freed up from existing restrictions.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said: "If people want to celebrate something that is important to them by flying a flag they should be able to do so without having to fill in forms or paying town hall officials for the privilege. We will make it easier for people to celebrate their allegiance to a cause, a county or a local organisation if they choose to do so."

The Department's approach is to extend the categories of flags that may be flown either without consent or with deemed consent. Any flags outside these categories will continue to be prohibited without express consent. Currently flags are deemed to be advertisements and their display is controlled by the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007 (SI 2007 No. 783).

Download the DCLG discussion paper.


Roger Milne

12 January 2012