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Approval for first nationally significant hazardous waste scheme

The first hazardous waste facility to be considered under the planning regime for nationally significant infrastructure projects has been approved by the Government in line with the recommendation of the examining inspector.

The proposals which effectively double the size of an existing hazardous waste landfill site near Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire, mean the facility will be operational until 2026 and will continue to take low-level radioactive material.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles agreed with the inspector that there was a “compelling case” for authorising the scheme, the East Northamptonshire Resource Management Facility, “given the significant continuing level of demand for hazardous waste landfill capacity and the requirement for level radioactive waste landfill facilities in the period up to 2016”.

He also accepted the stance of the Environment Agency and the Health Protection Agency that there were no unacceptable risks to human health and the environment.

Dr Gene Wilson, technical director of Augean Group who runs the site, said: "Naturally we are very pleased that the application has been granted consent and determined that the company's proposal has been based on sound scientific, technical and policy grounds.

"The development consent order will enable us to continue to provide a nationally important facility for the safe, secure and well-regulated treatment and disposal of wastes that require specialist handling."

Read the Planning Inspectorate press release


Roger Milne

18 July 2013


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