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Scottish planning revamp proposed

Scotland’s planning system will place more emphasis on jobs and economic benefits to help deliver sustainable economic growth, Planning Minister Derek Mackay has announced as the administration published two key documents for consultation.

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The third National Planning Framework (NPF3) and draft Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) will influence development plans across Scotland and guide future planning decisions on a range of sectors including transport, energy and infrastructure.

The NPF3 proposals set out ministers’ priorities for where important development should take place, identifying new, large-scale national developments including:

  • two carbon capture and storage schemes at Peterhead and Grangemouth
  • Prestwick Airport and adjacent Enterprise Area, focusing on the aerospace sector

For the first time Scottish planning policy will include references to maps of Scotland’s wild land – drawn up by Scottish Natural Heritage. In addition, ministers propose extending the separation distance between wind farms and cities, towns and villages and requiring that wind farms will not be allowed in areas covered by National Parks and so-called National Scenic Areas. These designations account for nearly a fifth of the area of Scotland.

The minister said: “Scotland needs a planning system that has, at its heart, the overriding principle of delivering sustainable economic growth in order to maximise the country’s attraction to investors and visitors in a global economy.

“We want future planning decisions to give significant weight to the economic benefit of proposed developments, particularly the creation of new jobs.

“The consultation on the National Planning Framework and Scottish Planning Policy will influence development plans across the country for the next thirty years affecting every part of Scotland.”

Read the Scottish Government news release.


Roger Milne

2 May 2013