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Do you need permission?

In this section you will find planning and building regulations guidance for many common building work projects. You can:

  • Use our guides or the Common Projects links to find guidance on the building work you have in mind.
  • Check other important matters you should think about before starting work in the 'Your responsibilities' section.
  • When you have read and considered the guidance around whether or not you need planning permission or building control approval you can find out 'What to do next'.

Interactive House

Interactive House

Explore our interactive semi-detached house for guidance on many common householder projects, including home microgeneration, in England.

Interactive Terrace

Interactive Terrace

Explore our interactive terrace for guidance relating to flats, shops & basements as well as many common householder projects, in England.

Mini guides

Mini guides

Our mini-guides provide visual clarification of the permitted development rules for specific projects.

If you need permission

If your development requires planning permission you can use our online service to:

Make a Planning Application

Find out more about:
Planning applications


Your responsibilities

With all building work, the owner of the property (or land) in question is ultimately responsible for complying with the relevant planning rules and building regulations.

Find out more about:
Your responsibilities

Common Projects

In this section you will find planning and building regulations guidance for many common building work projects for the home. You can also read case studies outlining people's real experience of tackling a number of the projects.

Reset Mini guide Case study
Adverts and signs General
Basements Householder
Biomass Householder
Boilers and Heating Householder
Ceilings and Floors Householder
Change of Use Business
Community Right to Build General
Conservatories Householder Conservatories Mini guide Conservatories Case Study
Decking Householder
Decorations Householder
Demolition General
Doors and Windows Householder Windows Case Study
Drains and Sewers Householder
Electrics Householder
Extensions Householder Extension Mini guide Extension Case Study
External Walls Householder External Walls Case Study
Fascias Householder
Fences, gates and garden walls Householder
Flats and Maisonettes Householder
Flue, Chimney or Soil and Vent Pipe Householder
Flues for microgeneration systems Non-domestic
Fuel tanks Householder
Garage Conversion Householder
Gate Ornaments Householder
Heat Pumps Householder
Heat pumps (non-domestic) Non-domestic
High Hedges Householder
Hydro Electricity Householder
Insulation Householder
Internal Walls Householder
Kitchens and Bathrooms Householder
Lighting Householder
Loft Conversion Householder Loft Conversion Mini guide Loft Conversion Case Study
Micro-CHP Householder
Neighbourhood planning General
Outbuildings Householder Outbuildings Mini guide
Patio and Driveway Householder
Paving your Front Garden Householder
Porches Householder Porch Mini guide
Roof Householder
Satellite,TV and Radio Antenna Householder Antennae Mini guide
Self Build Homes General
Shops Business
Solar Panels Householder
Solar panels (non domestic) Non-domestic
Trees and hedges General
Underpinning Householder
Warehouses and Industrial Buildings Business
Wind Turbines Householder
Working from home Business