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Appeal Types

 LPA  Local Planning Authority
 SOS  Secretary of State



Householder Appeals

Planning Appeals

Enforcement Appeals

Appeals following refusal of proposed development of individual dwellinghouses. Appeals following application
for planning permission for development or change of use
of land/buildings.
Appeals following LPA service of notice relating to an alleged breach of planning control.

Advertisement Appeals

Listed Building Consent

Lawful Development Certificate

Appeals for express consent for the display of advertisements
OR following the issue of a Discontinuance Notice.
Appeals following application
for listed build consent for alteration, extension or
demolition of a listed building.
Appeals following applications to establish the lawfulness of existing or proposed use or development.

Tree Preservation and Replacement Appeals

Called-in Planning Applications

Section 106BC & Section 106B

Appeals against decisions by
the LPA refusing requests to carry out works to a tree(s) subject to a TPO.  Appeals against TRN where a protected tree is allegedly removed without consent.
Planning applications where the SOS directs the LPA to refer to him/her for decision. Section 106B - Appeals seeking to modify or discharge a planning obligation.
Section 106BC - Appeals seeking modification or discharge of  planning obligations relating to provision of affordable housing.

Community Infrastructure Levy Appeals

Purchase Notices

High Hedges

Appeals following actions by
CIL collecting body actions
under Regulations 69, 80-88
and 90 of The Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010.
A landowner may, following an adverse planning decision, serve a purchase notice on the relevant LPA requesting that they acquire the land in question. Appeals against a Remedial Notice or an appeal against the Council’s decision not to issue a Remedial Notice in respect of a High Hedge.

Crossrail Appeals/Disputes

Highway and
Transport Proposals

Countryside, access & ROW

Appeals against an LPAs decision to refuse or request for approval, or against conditions imposed by the nominated undertaker. Also includes appeals in relation to noise from construction sites.
  • Highways cases
  • Harbour Revision Orders
  • Stopping up of Highways, Side Road Orders
  • Compulsory Purchase Orders
  • Transport and Works Act cases
  • Bridge tolls.