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Comment on an appeal

You can comment on an appeal through the Planning Casework Service - provided that the final part of the appeal reference (excluding any WF or NWF suffix) starts with '2'. You will first need to find the appeal case that you are interested in, using the search facility.

Once you have found the case, you can view a summary of the case. At the bottom of the summary is a link to our Comments facility - Please Note the deadline for comments on the case before submitting them (this will be shown in the 'Stages and dates' table. Where we have published documents for the appeal, there will also be a link to a Documents page.We are sorry that we do not routinely publish documents for all appeals. Where they aren't available you should be able to view them at the offices of the relevant council dealing with the appeal, and sometimes, the council may also have published them on their own website. You may want to read these documents before commenting.

You can send us individual documents using the Comment facility, but each one must be no bigger than 5MB. Documents can also be sent to us by e-mail or by post. 

Before making a comment online you should review our privacy statement and our guidance on taking part in the relevant appeal process.

Problems submitting or obtaining a copy of your comments?

If the online receipt isn't displayed or you have problems obtaining a copy of your comments form please do not re-submit the form. You should e-mail the pcs mailbox at giving your details and the reference number of the appeal, tell us that you were trying to submit comments online to us. We will check our system and let you know if we have your comments. If the deadline for comments is due to expire please use the pcs mailbox to send us your comments.

A note about the system

  1. Not all appeals are available via the service. Only appeal cases in England where the final part of the appeal reference starts with a '2' will be available using this search facility.
  2. These forms use pop-ups which will not work if your internet browser has a pop-up blocker. You should set it to temporarily allow pop-ups whilst using these facilities.
  3. We recommend using Adobe Reader 7 to view PDF documents.