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Make an Appeal

Please check the guidance below before submitting the appeal

Please review all the appeal guidance and in particular:

Appeals Casework Portal

The Planning Inspectorate has developed a new online appeals system and we are upgrading all our appeal services to use the new Appeals Casework Portal.  The links below will direct you to the new Appeals Casework Portal.

Householder Appeal

Planning Appeal

Enforcement Appeal

Listed Building Consent Appeal

Listed Building Enforcement Notice appeal

Lawful Development Certificate appeal

Advertisement appeal

Problems working online?

Printing the online form

Please do not try to print out the online form - it has been designed to present you with the information we need, based on information you provide as you go along. So, for example, if you tell us that you are an Agent for the Appellant (by answering 'Yes' to that question) other questions about you as the Agent will be displayed. If you say 'No', these additional questions will not be displayed.