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Search for an appeal

You can search for appeals online, but please read the following first.

You can use this facility to find an appeal which has been accepted as valid and where the final part of the appeal reference starts with a '2'.  We are sorry but older appeals where the reference starts with '1' are not held on this system. (see Other Decisions below)

These forms use pop-ups which will not work if your internet browser has a pop-up blocker. You should set it to temporarily allow pop-ups whilst using these facilities or add our site to those 'trusted' by your system.  Check all our System requirements.

If you know the appeal reference number, the quickest way to search is to put the final part (starting with "2") into the 'Case Ref' field - but leave off any 'wf' or 'nwf' suffix, then click on 'Search for cases'.

We recommend using Adobe Reader 7 to view PDF documents.

Help: Help is available on each of the main screens, wherever you see the '?' icon.

From the Search Results, you can:

  • view selected details about an individual case, then
  • view appeal stages and dates
  • view the decision once made
  • submit comments

Other Decisions

Any Decision Letters where the last 7 numerals of the appeal number starts with a '2' are available from the this site. Example: [APP/C1625/E/06/2006363].  If your Appeal number is in a different format from the example above or the number does not start with a '2' then please contact:

The Customer Support Unit, (Tel: 0303 444 5000)

For decisions that are older than 5 years, please contact the relevant local authority.

Called in planning applications (Secretary of State decisions) and the associated Inspectors Reports are supplied by the Department for Communities and Local Government.