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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I appeal?

You must fill in the appropriate appeal form. This can be done online or on a paper form obtained by calling Customer Support Team on 0303 444 5000 or by e-mailing a request for a form to

You must make sure the form and all essential documents are received by the Planning Inspectorate within the time limit for the type of appeal you are making.

What sort of form do I use?

The type of appeal form you use will depend on the type of application that was submitted to the local planning authority or whether it is an appeal against an enforcement or discontinuance note.  You can contact Customer Support Team on 0303 444 5000 if you are unsure which form to use, or you can access the various types of online forms.

What’s the appeals procedure?

The way an appeal is dealt with can depend on the issues involved.  For further guidance please see the Planning Inspectorate’s Procedural Guides.

Has my appeal been received?

If an appeal was made online and an acknowledgement was received with an appeals reference number this means it has reached the Planning Inspectorate. If it was sent by Special or Recorder Delivery and you tell us the reference number we can track it. Other post will take a few days to be scanned onto the system to enable us to confirm receipt.

How long are appeals taking?

For a Householder appeal we will try to issue a decision within 8 weeks of the Start date of the appeal in the majority of cases.

For a Planning appeal we will try to issue a decision within 26 weeks of the Start date of the appeal in the majority of cases.

How do I comment on someone’s appeal?

You can do this online by searching for the appeal and accessing the comment facility.

You can also comment by e-mail to the team mail box (shown at the top of our letters or it may be quoted by the local planning authority in their letter to interested neighbours), or by sending three copies of your comments to us in the post.

Can I appeal if I am an interested party and the local planning authority has approved an application?

No. There is no right of appeal for an interested party if an application has been approved.

Can I appeal an Appeal Decision?

No. You cannot make an appeal against an appeal decision.  You can make a legal challenge to the decision, or a complaint about it. The way to do this is explained in the Procedural Guides.

What are the size limits for documents when submitting an online appeal or an e-mail?

Each documents attached to an online appeal must be no larger that 5mb.

Individual e-mails must be no larger than 10mb.

For further guidance please see our System Requirements.

 When will the decision be issued?

The guidance provided on how long appeals are taking is from Start date to decision. 

Does the Planning Inspectorate keep copies of Decision letters?

Yes, the majority of Decision Letters from 2006 to date can be located on the Planning Portal free of charge: online search facility:  Any Decision Letters where the last 7 numerals of the appeal number starts with a '2' are available. Example: [APP/C1625/E/06/2006363].  If your Appeal number is in a different format from the example above or the number does not start with a '2' then please contact:

The Customer Support Team, (Tel: 0303 444 5000)

Can the Planning Inspectorate find a copy of a Decision Letter when I only have limited information e.g. site address, Local Authority reference, decision date,  etc?

To help us locate your requested Decision Letter, we need the Planning Inspectorate’s reference number which begins ‘APP’ and finishes with 7 numerals.  If you do not have this reference it can be obtained from the relevant Local Authority. However, we can search our database using limited information but this must include the site address and the Local Authority name. On completion of the search you will be informed of the search results. You can then let us know if you require any of the decisions shown in the search results. If no information on the specific appeal is found you may wish to contact the relevant Local Planning Authority.

I would like all the Decision Letters relating to telecommunications appeals since 2001.  Is this kind of search possible?

Yes, we can search the database and contact you with the results. Some searches produce results that are too extensive to convey in detail by telephone. Results can then be sent by post, fax or e-mail giving you the opportunity to request  any appeal decisions you may require.