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E-Submissions and E-mail

What you can do to make sure that your submissions reach the Inspectorate on time:

  • Use the online submission facility for all documents that are up to 5MB.  You will get an on-screen receipt which confirms the date and time of delivery to our system.  The facility is available through the online search facility.  A tutorial is available which explains how to use this facility.  See Online Comments Tutorial.

  • Use e-mail to send us any documents that are more than 5MB and up to 10MB.  Any e-mails sent to team mailboxes will automatically be acknowledged. The Case Officer's e-mail address can also be found on the Case Summary screen.

  • If you have a large number of documents to send, you may find it easier to send them to us on CD.  See Using CDs.

  • Set up your e-mail system to notify you when your e-mails to us are delivered.  This will identify any where there have been any problems.  With Outlook, this can be set up by individuals or by the IT Department.  If you use another e-mail program, contact your IT Department for help.

  • Rather than typing our team e-mail address on each occasion, you can use the Address book or Contacts facility in Outlook, or similar facilities in other mail programs, to record your contacts at the Inspectorate.  You could give them names like PINS Enforcement Team, PINS Planning WF Team, PINS Planning NWF Team, and use those when you send an e-mail.

  • Please ensure that email correspondence from The Planning Inspectorate is dealt with in a timely manner and make arrangements to deal with correspondence promptly, particularly when you are away for some time, perhaps by setting up a mailbox to which several people have access.


  • Technology can give us the opportunity to create a library where policies can be held centrally, and this is something that is currently being considered.  In the meantime to save time and reduce the size of the files you send to us, please ensure you only send us individual policies that relate to an appeal rather than the whole document.

What the Planning Inspectorate are doing to help.

  • Increase the size of attachments that can be sent online from 1MB to 5MB.  This change has been implemented.
  • Set up automatic acknowledgement of e-mails sent to our team mailboxes.  This change has been implemented.
  • Set up automatic delivery receipts to tell our staff when an outgoing message has not been delivered.  We have issued advice to our staff on what to do when this happens.
  • Simplfy the name formats for our team e-mail addresses.  This change has been implemented.

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