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Problems working online

If you experience problems with any of the online appeal facilities please let us know. 

This will help us to monitor the types of calls we are receiving, what problems you are experiencing and may result in us changing the guidance we currently have available on the Planning Portal, or making a request to change/ improve the facilities we provide.

From time to time we may need to involve our IT department to help solve your problem.  By contacting us as soon as the problem happens or you receive any error messages, we will be able to provide them with specific details such as:

  • the time you experienced the problem or error message;
  • what you were doing before the problem or error occurred;
  • if the problem has happened before.

There is also a troubleshooting page for the online appeal facilities available on the Portal.  This details any known issues and recommends solutions or workarounds.

So if you experience "hanging" whilst submitting questionnaires or comments, the case search fails to retrieve an appeal or you have any other problems, please check whether it is covered by our troubleshooting advice, and if not please contact our Customer Support team on 0303 444 5000 or e-mail the PCS mailbox at