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Using CDs


To help local authorities submit a larger proportion of documentation in electronic form.


Please make every effort to keep your submissions smaller than 5MB. Here are some things you can do.

  • do not scan more than one document into a single file;
  • send each picture, photograph, map or drawing as a separate file;
  • if a document has appendices, please scan each as a separate document together with any covering sheet. This will help staff to ensure the document is assembled in the correct order for the Inspector;
  • if a document is large, break it down into sensible parts, and name them accordingly.

You can send supporting documentation for the online questionnaire to us with the questionnaire itself - provided that each document is no larger than 5MB. You can also send in other documentation - with the same size limit - using the 'Comment on this case' facility. Please see the e-Submissions and e-mails advice page for further guidance.

If you aren't able to make your document any smaller, you can send documents over 5MB to us by e-mail to the e-mail address at the top of the appeal start letter. The Case Officer's e-mail address can also be found on the Case Summary screen. Our system will allow e-mails up to around 10MB but please contact the Case Officer before you send such e-mails to ensure that there is sufficient space in their In box to receive it. You should also note that your own e-mail system may have limits on outgoing messages.

If you are dealing with a particularly large case, or have a significant number of documents to send us, you may feel that it would be better to send them on CD.

Guidance on working electronically with the Inspectorate is available and contains a useful list of Do's and Don'ts.