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Planning Appeals

This is the Planning Inspectorate’s main page on Planning Appeals. On this page you will find all the guidance and information you need to make or take part in a planning appeal. 

If you are unable to submit your appeal via our appeal service, you will need to submit your appeal by post. Contact our Customer Support Team to obtain a set of paper appeal forms. Please note appeal forms cannot be emailed out.

Validation Delay

There is currently a delay of up to 6 weeks to validate Planning Appeals.

We apologise for the delay and are taking measures to address this. We would like to thank you for your understanding and patience during this period.

When your appeal has been confirmed as valid we will then issue a start date letter giving details of the timetable for the appeal.

Please note that only valid appeals are published and can be viewed on the Appeals Casework Portal.

Making an Appeal

If you have made an application for planning permission, the local planning authority will have explained the circumstances under which you are able to appeal.

How long does an appeal take?

A list of all the public inquiries planned to be held over the next few months. The list is not updated every time a new inquiry is fixed or a planned inquiry is postponed.

Conduct of Inquiries

Venue and Facilities for Public Inquiries and Hearings

Taking Part in a planning appeal

Local Planning Authorities publicise when a planning appeal has been made, which appeal procedure it is to follow and the deadline for making comments.

Guide to Rule 6

Guide to Rule 6 for interested parties involved in an inquiry – planning appeals and called-in applications - England

Planning Practice Guidance

The home of the National Planning Policy Framework for England and planning practice guidance.

Bespoke Casework

Bespoke programmes apply to a limited number of inquiry cases. Timescales for the main steps up to and including the inquiry are agreed by all main parties.