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Transport Orders

30 May 2012

The Planning Inspectorate has published its revised guidance to Inspectors on dealing with transport orders. The guide supersedes the November 2004 “Notes for the Guidance of Inspectors Holding Inquiries into Orders and Special Road Schemes

Statements of common ground

07 March 2012

The Secretary of State and the Planning Inspectorate regard statements of common ground as a crucial component of the inquiry process.  They are required by the inquiry procedure rules to be submitted within 6 weeks of the starting date of the appeal.

Inspectors find so much value in such statements that the Planning Inspectorate now actively encourages their production in hearings casework, albeit that there is no regulatory provision for them.

Statements of common ground are covered in Good Practice Advice Note 08.

To help the production of statements of common ground the Planning Inspectorate has published a new statement of common ground form on the Planning Portal.  You can complete this form, save it to your computer and email to the other party and, when finalised, send it to the Planning Inspectorate.

If you have any queries about the Good Practice Advice Note or the new form please contact the Planning Inspectorate's Customer Services Unit.

Statistical Report 3rd Quarter 2010-2011

16 February 2012

The Planning Inspectorate's Statistical Report 3rd Quarter 2011-2012 has been published.

New Director for Wales

14 February 2012

A press release announcing the appointment of Richard Poppleton as the Director for Wales in the Planning Inspectorate

Three new Non Executive Directors have joined the Planning Inspectorate

27 January 2012

Three new Non Executive Directors have joined the Planning Inspectorate

Planning Inspectorate Newsletter

23 December 2011

View the latest edition of the Planning Inspectorate's newsletter

Customer Services - Christmas and New Year opening times

Over the holiday period, the Planning Inspectorate's Customer Services team will be available to answer your calls and queries as normal, apart from:

  • 23 December when our line will close at 2pm
  • 28 & 29 December when lines will close at 4pm
  • 30 December when we will be available until 2pm

You will be able to leave a message for us after this time and we will get back to you, if necessary, as soon as we can.
Please also note our News item relating to Seasonal Timetable Deadlines below.

Localism Act – Royal Assent

Guidance for appeal parties

07 December 2011

It is evident that parties at appeal are beginning to consider the implications of Royal Assent having been granted to the Localism Bill and the prospect of the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), following the period of now-concluded consultation.             

It is a well established principle that, in law, the decision-maker is required to have regard to the development plan and other material considerations (which would include national policy and guidance) in place at the time of the decision. That will continue to be the case and the Inspectorate does not anticipate either changing the procedure by which appeals are being conducted in anticipation of a possible change in either such matter (ie policy or material consideration), nor necessarily in changing those procedures once the position on Regional Strategies (the abolition of which is provided for in due course by Order by the Localism Act) or NPPF becomes clear.

We shall of course ensure that, whatever the procedure (Inquiry, Hearing or Written Representations) Inspectors are placed in a position whereby they are confident that they are properly apprised of the position in all respects in each case that they determine, contacting the parties for further comments as appropriate.

In the meantime, and with immediate effect, whilst we are not specifically inviting parties to submit new or supplementary representations on the NPPF and Localism Act-related matters referred to above, where hearings and inquiries have been arranged and such matters have not been addressed in evidence thus far, our case officers will accept such evidence in advance of the event, provided that it is supported by a clear explanation as to why it is considered essential that the Inspector should see and have regard to it in the decision. This is intended to avoid the need for adjournments or delays in casework being conducted by way of such events. The same principle (ie of acceptance of revised evidence) will apply for written representations casework where the timing of the appeal is such that evidence has not been able to address any changes in the above context.

Whilst we are responsible for cross copying such material, it would help if it were to be copied to the other main party at the time that it is sent to the case officer and that you confirm that that has been the case. The sole purpose of introducing what we intend will be a temporary process is to ensure that legitimate matters, of which the Inspector properly needs to be aware, are introduced in a timely way, thus seeking to obviate the need for hearings and inquiries to be postponed or adjourned. It follows therefore that, in the interests of natural justice, we shall also permit responses to such new evidence to be made before the event.


Statistical Report 2nd Quarter 2010-2011

29 November 2011

The Planning Inspectorate's Statistical Report 2nd Quarter 2011-2012 has been published.

Good Practice Advice Note 17: Advertisement appeals and related issues - England

29 November 2011

Following feedback, the Planning Inspectorate has revised and republished the  Good Practice Advice Note 17: "Advertisement appeals and related issues - England".  It now includes more information about the hearing process and revised advice on the contents of discontinuance notices.

Seasonal Timetable Deadlines

Parties who are required by their existing appeal timetable to submit documentation during the Christmas and New Year period, (w/c 26th December 2011 & 2nd January 2012) should make every effort to comply with stated deadlines. 

Where this is not possible, you should contact your designated Case Officer beforehand to discuss.  It should be noted that if a later submission date is required, it would be unreasonable to extend any deadline later than - 

6th January 2012 - for Householder Appeals 
10th January 2012 - for All Other Appeal types  

Planning Inspectorate appoints Chief Planning Inspector 

21 October 2011

Peter Burley, currently Director for the Planning Inspectorate Wales, has been appointed as the Chief Planning Inspector for the Planning Inspectorate. 

Planning Inspectorate Website has closed

05 October 2011

Please note that the Planning Inspectorate website is now closed.  This was part of the Government’s web rationalisation programme which looked to reduce the number of Government websites.  All the appeal and other casework content has been moved to the Planning Portal.  All corporate information has been moved to the Department for Communities and Local Government website.

Good Practice Advice Note 17: Advertisement appeals and related issues - England

04 October 2011

The Planning Inspectorate has published a new Good Practice Advice Note 17: Advertisement appeals and related issues - England.  This provides guidance and advice about advertisement appeals and appeals against discontinuance notices, for local planning authorities, appellants and interested parties.  Also it provides, for local planning authorities, the contact point in the Department for Communities and Local Government for Regulation 7 Directions and Areas of Special Control of Advertisements.

Guide to Rule 6 for interested parties involved in an inquiry

28 September 2011

The Planning Inspectorate has published a document for parties who wish to take a very active part in an inquiry, “Guide to Rule 6 for interested parties involved in an inquiry – England

Bob Neill responds to the Telegraph

20th September 2011

Local Government Minister Bob Neill responds to the Telegraph article of 7 September on planning


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