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About Planning Policy

Planning policy is controlled by Communities and Local Government in England and the Welsh Assembly Government in Wales.

The planning policy framework is made up of policy documents, circulars and good practice guidance. Some documents apply across England and Wales while others are specific to their individual countries.

The pages below list the types of document and the information they contain.

Planning Policy Statements and Guidance (PPS & PPG) (England)

National planning policies are set out in new-style Planning Policy Statements (PPS), which are gradually replacing Planning Policy Guidance Notes (PPG).

Minerals Policy (England and Wales)

Both England and Wales have seperate policy documents relating to minerals and marine minerals.

Planning Circulars (England and Wales)

These documents provide non-statutory advice and guidance on particular issues to expand on subjects referred to in legislation.

Planning Policy (PPW) and Technical Advice Notes (TAN)s (Wales)

Planning Policy Wales and the supplementary Technical Advice Notes form the basis of planning policy in Wales

Good Practice Guidance

Good practice guidance is issued by 'Communities and Local Government' in England and the Welsh Assembly Government in Wales to augment policy and advise on the best way of achieving certain technical outcomes.