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Minerals Policy (England and Wales)


In England , national policies are laid out in Minerals Planning Statements (MPS) and Mineral Policy Guidance Notes (MPG), Marine Minerals Guidance Notes (MMG) and planning circulars.

Minerals Planning Guidance Notes (MPGs) and their replacements, Minerals Policy Statements (MPSs), set out the Government's policy on minerals and planning issues and provide advice and guidance to local authorities and the minerals industry on policies and the operation of the planning system with regard to minerals.

Mineral planning authorities (MPAs) must take their contents into account in preparing their development plans. The guidance may also be material to decisions on individual planning applications and appeals.

Marine Minerals Guidance Notes (MMGs) set out the Government's policies and procedures on the extraction of minerals by dredging from the seabed in English marine waters.

All current English planning policy can be found here.


Minerals Planning Policy Wales provides guidance for the extraction of all minerals and other substances in, on or under land.

This is supplemented by a series of topic based Minerals Technical Advice Notes (MTANs).

Minerals Planning Policy Wales (MPPW) will continue to be monitored and reviewed in relation to the Welsh Assembly Government’s objectives for Wales.

Any changes or additions to policy which are agreed before a revised version of Minerals Planning Policy Wales is issued will be notified by Ministerial statement and will subsequently be published as numbered Interim Planning Statements.

The older Mineral Planning Guidance notes were published between 1988 and 1995 by the then Welsh Office (WO) and the then Department of the Environment (DoE). Some of these remain in force (partly in cases) in Wales.

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